2: Music (Part 1) - Great Albums

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This week: Music (Part 1) - Great Albums

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In this Episode:

Great music is the topic of the day and the gang list the best 10-out-of-10 albums that forged our heroes into men. They decree that you must be a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Not to mention that all of the world’s music is thoroughly reviewed in only one hour! (that’s probably a lie)…

Also, nothing says “music” more than the wars between Fortnite vs. Netflix, Snickers vs. Milky Way, or Beavis vs. Butthead.

All this and more are woven together - to tell a tale that defines what great music is, and how not to be paralyzed by the infinite choices in music today.

There’s recommendations galore, playlists, and %&#$ing Foghat y’all.

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